Roof Inspections | Hail Damage

Baton Rouge Roof Inspections

Our roofs every single day stand firm and protect our homes and families from the elements. During the life of a roof, the roof will experience many stormy days, many rainy nights and at some point, possibly, hail. When hail hits an asphalt shingle, it causes an indentation that compromises the integrity of the shingle. The damage is irreversible and insurance companies understand this. This fact is evidenced by the expedient manner in which insurance companies will pay for a hail damaged roof to be replaced. When a roof has hail damage it is only a matter of time before more damage that will cost more money exposes itself. When a hail storm has hit your area you need to schedule a hail damage roof inspection to be certain if damage exists. Call us today and we can take care of the rest.

When it comes to your residential re roof needs, Strategic Roofing is a step above the competition. Strategic Roofing offers supreme customer service and a courteous and knowledgeable staff trained in residential re roof replacement and re-roofing construction. Your residence is your domain, it is the one place where comfort and security matter most. Your home, your castle, that is where you create the moments that carry you throughout your life and keeping your castle safe and warm is the job of your roof and keeping your roof in good health is the job for Strategic Roofing. Strategic Roofing can consult you concerning roof types and styles to determine which roof is right for your home. And which roof would be the best return on your investment.