Window Installation

Baton Rouge Window Installation

For window installation purposes there are two types of windows. One window is designed for replacement application while a second type is designed for new construction. Within these two types of windows there are a variety of styles, colors and materials. Like the variety of styles and window types there are many pros and cons. For example, wood windows will usually cost much more and require more maintenance. Today vinyl windows are a popular choice and come in many styles as well. When considering windows for your home its important to consult with an experienced tech who can help guide your decision based on your needs and budget. Call us today we will be glad to assist you.

Popular Types of Windows

Today the most common windows we install are the single hung or double hung vinyl windows. These windows slide along a vertical track to open. When looking at single hung compared to double hung little to no difference will be noticeable. The main distinction is that single hung only opens from bottom while double hung opens from the top and bottom window. It makes sense that the double hung windows cost more however, both of these popular windows are cost effective and in some cases energy efficient.

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