There are many components that together make your home beautiful. The siding is the skin of your home and the largest contributor to the beauty of your home. There are many types of exterior siding to choose from. The pros and cons do exist and so does the expense. One of the least expensive exterior siding options is vinyl siding. Vinyl siding comes in many colors and will hold its color for many years. The downside to vinyl is the lack of durability against flying debris. In addition when the vinyl has to be replaced, matching the color may become quite a chore. Even if you purchase the exact color, time and the weather slowly change the hue and the difference is notable. 

Cement Fiber Board

Another option is cement board also known as fiber cement board. Fiber cement board comes in 6 or 8 inch planks in addition to 4×8 sheets. It is very durable and when painted with the proper primer and paint the color can last for 20 years. Strategic Construction can help guide your decision making and can install whichever siding you choose.


Another excellent low maintenance and very durable choice is Hardie Board siding. Strategic Construction offers Hardie board installation in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas. We can install your Hardie siding to perfection and can also properly caulk and paint bringing your job to done in no time.


A more economical choice that still looks good and when installed correctly can last a very long time is composite siding. Today’s composite siding looks like wood it has a wood grain and comes in 4×8 sheets. It is a simple application and when the correct process is followed, we will have your home looking new again. A simple siding job can bring new life to your home. Call us today for a free estimate.